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WWW.ACARelationship.Com has been successfully launched, as a new insightful Web Relationship Course of Study Program Membership Service, designed to facilitate individual interpersonal relationship improvement through education, self-analysis, insightful understanding and optional relationship coaching, derived from a ‘Star’ Membership lifetime of relationship services.

A Certificate of Completion is issued when ‘Star’ Member demonstrates a Relationship Style Transformation, expected by him/herself, significant other or ACAR. (A Relationship Correspondence Coach's endorsement may be required for Certification, after a ‘Star’ Member completes an acceptable R.C.C. Advice Line Correspondence time and completes the “Star” Membership Course of Study Program, along with another relationship service option.)

WWW.ACARelationship.Com.’s Director, Dr. T. Childs welcomes a diverse group of individuals to ACAR Program Activities and Services, including Counselling, (in the privacy of an individual’s home) a ‘69’ Encounter Retreat (3days, 2nights) at Niagara Falls, Canada, for establishing, enhancing or maintaining A Compatible Assured Relationship (ACAR) for the continued existence of peaceful interpersonal relationships and family, in the Human Mosaic.

ACAR’s Director, Dr. T. Childs’ E-book, ‘The Greatest Measure of Relationships Ever Developed ’, relationship lectures and workshops are ‘FREE’ and generously offered, to Non-Profit, Public Service Organizations and Ecclesiastical assemblies, as a fundraiser in the Global Community, upon request from Dr. T. Childs at info@acarelationship.com.